Sutcliffe 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea Nautilus Submarine

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Clockwork Tinplate Toy SOLD SOLD

Walt Disney’s
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
Nautilus Submarine

This nice looking clockwork tinplate toy is in superb near perfect fully working condition. The toy was manufactured by Sutcliffe Pressings Ltd at Horsford Leeds Yorkshire.

Size: 10″ [25.5cm] long and 4″ [10cm] tall “including periscope”
The toy has no damage.

It’s packing box is in excellent condition and comes complete with all parts including the inner card packaging.

Sutcliffe Pressings was started in 1885, initially producing domestic and photographic sheet metal goods. Their famous oil cans came later, followed in 1920 by the first of their tinplate boats, the valiant battleship being the first. The hulls of which were made as two pressings soldered together. In 1932 Sutcliffe pioneered the production of hulls made from a single pressing. A variety of sizes of model boats were made but the majority were based on the 9″ and 12″ hulls. Production mainly of boats and oil can continued upto 1984.

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